Terms Of Services

Please read the terms of services, and privacy policy before you start any job with Pravas Jha. After reading my terms of services, you will be clear about me, my job and services. Please have a look below to find in detail.

Terms of Services For SEO and Online Marketing

  • Who Is Pravas Jha?

Pravas Jha is an independent person from Nepal offering SEO Services, SMM, Online Marketing and SEO Training

  • Do I Get Guaranteed 1st Page Rank in Search Engine After Hiring Pravas Jha?

No, SEO is not about ranking at the first of search engines, it is the technical discipline to improving the health of websites for better performance in search engines.

  • Does My Business Get Guaranteed Sales After Online Marketing with Pravas Jha?

Not, it’s not about the surety of anything. But my ideas will help you to perform better in online platforms and also I will help you to target your real costumes. I will also help you to offer your products and service in the way which will help you to find more consumers and it will also help you to maximize your online business.

  • When Doing SEO, Does Pravas Jha handles all my websites’ Designing and Programming Parts?

No, It is about handling all your website coding and designing parts. But I will handle all those things which are required to improve SEO performance and rest will be recommended to your developer team to fix.

  • During The SEO Training Period, Do I get notes, guidelines, and extra classes to improve my knowledge?

Yes, why not? You will get all those things which are required for the improvement, and also you will be provided extra classed if needed.

  • Am I able to handle SEO Projects after the training?

yes, of course. We provide you full ideas to make you able to handle and manage SEO Accounts.

  • What About Content Writing?

I charge an extra amount if I provide you content for your website. I do not offer content writing in the SEO Service package. My job is to optimize and improvise your existing contents/ pages.

Privacy Policy For SEO and Online Marketing Services

  • Is Pravas Jha Google or Staff Of Google?
  • No, Pravas Jha does not have any concern with the Google and Staff Team. Pravas Jha is a solely independent consultant offering different online marketing services.
  • To make both parties clear about responsibilities and boundaries, we will sign a copy of agreement before starting any service.
  • All terms of services and required asset are mentioned in the agreement
  • To maintain the transparency, a detailed report of the job done and job in progress will be provided to clients by Pravas Jha
  • Both parties can cancel the project anytime with a note, previous payment must be cleared immediately after the cancellation.