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How to Compress Images for Website Speed Optimization?

Images are one more important thing to make your website’s content informative. It’s always said that images speak, that means if your image is more informative your visitors can find more additional detail about the content. A single image can easily describe a full paragraph or full set of content.

Images can be of different kinds like Simple Photo in JPG, PNG formats, Info-graphs, gif images. These kinds of images describe your full content and your visitors might get additional information.

Adding some meaning full relevant images make your content more useful for your webpage visitors. The most preferred format for images is JPEG. When your content is ready and you are done with designing your image. You can upload it to your website. Make sure you have inserted meaning full Descriptive Title and Image Alt Tags. It’s also a good practice to insert your primary keyword in image file name. for example: for this post, I will name the image file as image-optimization-guide-to-improve-website-speed.

Once all your content optimization, image alt tags, and other basic tasks are done. Check your website performance speed with Google Developers Page Speed Insights Tool. There you find a report on issues which are reducing your website performance. If your website performance speed score is low it will be shown in red, it means that search bots need higher time to render your pages. The only best solution to this issue is to reduce them step by step and make it green to possible. Let’s say, your score should be at least 80+ to show in green and you need to make it 85+ in both Mobile and Desktop insight to be sure that you are standing as one of the best among your competitors.

In Page Speed Insights, you may find many issues like: server respond time, HTML compression, image compression etc. All those things have the high impact on your website load time and your page wouldn’t get rendered due to delay. So for the SEO purpose, all webmasters should fix page speed issues to optimize the website performance. Search Engine Optimize is possible only if all important factors of the website is good enough for their visitors. Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process and webmaster have to follow all required SEO factors to have the good position in any Search Engine.

How To Optimize Image for Website Speed Optimization?

For image compression and all rest of things, Google Page Speed Insight tool may be helpful for you. At the bottom of the report you can find an option to download an optimized file, if your website design suits them, you can download those compressed images and upload them at required places. Maybe in lots of cases, those images might not be useful due to your website design and layouts. For example, in case of cropped images and zoom after clicking on them, the image file size may not be suitable for some website. Check them and decide how you would like to go with those images. If you wish to upload those image, Google has already optimized and compressed those images for your website and that can be the best suitable.

If you don’t wish to follow those images, you can try some free tools to compress images on your website. I always use this Image optimizer Tool and it’s good enough to my knowledge. It’s easy to upload images in any format like JPG, PNG, Gif etc. You can upload an image file or insert the URL to compress. Choose your preferred format to save image and press optimize. The image optimizer tool will give you the different result of image and detail on color reduction and size reduction. Image sizes mainly increase due to their high resolution and color used. This tool reduces them and provides you different compressed results, you can save the best-compressed one among them and re-upload in your website.

If you are WordPress user, you can use any image optimizer plugin. In WordPress websites, it’s easy to add new image optimizer plugin and they work for you to compress images at different sizes. One of the plugins I use is WWW Image Optimizer. However, it’s not recommended to use so many plugins in a website, because they can make your website hanged, crashed etc. I am using this image optimizer plugin for a while and recommend to use it. Once you add and activate the plugin, go to Media from WordPress Dashboard and click on Bulk Optimize. Wait until all your images are compressed, when it is done you can see detailed information of image compression in your WordPress website.

Images are one of the major things which can delay on your web page load and render time. If your webpage needs more time to be rendered you won’t get SERP as expected. Among 100s of things to be fixed for SEO, an image is the primary one. You can follow any idea to compress and reduce your image file size, like online compression, use of the plugin, image re-design, image re-size etc. or may be any other way which you know. The important thing is you have to compress and fix it. Once all of your images are compressed and uploaded again, you will see the change in your website performance speed and it’s possible that slightly your webpage SERP will also go up.

Please contact me if you need any kind of advice for your website search optimization.

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