Meta Description Examples

Meta Description Examples

What is Meta Description?

After the Meta Title of any webpage, Meta Description is another important ranking factor which is visible to users in search engines. Meta Description is a complete summarized information of the page used by webmasters which provide short information about the webpage content. The Meta Description isn’t visible on the front end of any website. It’s visible only in search engines results page and mostly it can be collected by directories to get information about the web page. In terms of Google, a meta description can be of up to 160 characters. Minimum characters of Meta Description recommend by Google is 120 characters. Webmasters or website owners can use 120 to 160 characters in Meta Description to make it perfect for search results. If any webpage has more than 160 characters in Meta Description, that is not beneficial. In another word, Meta Description having more than 160 characters is not any use. Google search bot truncate Meta Description up to maximum 160 characters and a Meta Description of at least 120 characters is good for Google. If your Meta Description is of less than 120 characters Google Bot will see it as short meta description and it might be seen as low informative.

Have a look below to see pointwise use and results of Meta Description on the web:

Use of Meta Description:

  • Meta Description is the summary of your website’s content
  • It represents the summarized information about content, service or products of the web page
  • Search Engines crawl and truncate Meta Description to find the relevancy of the landing page
  • Meta Description is visible in search results to provide prior information to users about the website
  • Meta Description is collected by Directories to show in listing results
  • Meta Description is shown on social sites when anybody shares the page, for example on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn etc.
  • Meta Description recommended by Google is minimum 120 characters to maximum 160 characters
  • Google truncates Meta Description maximum to 160 characters
  • Meta Description Tags suggested by Bing is 150 characters, and Meta Title Tags of 65 Characters
  • Meta Description is one of the primary things you should use properly to achieve better SEO rank in Search Engines.
  • If a Meta Description is irrelevant or keyword stuffed the website can lose its rank for the particular page

Why is Meta Description important For SEO?

In short Meta Description is the second most important ranking factor of a website in terms of content part. Please note that, it is not the only major ranking factor. There are hundreds of other important things which you need to fix to achieve the better ranking position. When it comes about the content of any page, Meta Title and Meta Description is more important which represent the summary of your landing page and its content. Even if your website is content-based, product selling or local service provider, Meta Description is equally valuable for all. In another word, if you are working for higher ranking position in search engines you should use a proper and Optimized Meta Description to provide enough information about your website and content for search engines and users. Meta Description is shown in search engine result page to provide information about the website to users.

How To Use Meta Description in a Web Page?

As I have mentioned above, Meta Description is one of the important SEO ranking factors. A perfect Suggested Meta Description is minimum 120 characters to maximum 160 characters. Especially for Google you have to make your Meta Description perfect, call us action and should not be any kind of stuffing. In simple terms, a keyword stuffing is repeating primary keywords or a word twice or more in Meta Description tags. To stay safe avoid keyword stuffing. Make your Meta Description short and sweet and provide exact information what your page is about.

It is important that you use good and useful Meta Description. The Meta Description Tag of your webpage should be informative and properly written which should be good in view of Google. Meta Description with keyword stuffing and wrong information will surely lead your website rank down. It is also a good idea to check some competitors description tag to find how they are implementing it and follow them if they are really good.

For example, I own an online lighting store and I am working on it’s On Page SEO. My website name is “Reviews Homes” and I have written some suitable Meta Title for my Lighting Store Home Page.

Meta Title Example

Meta Title is always in following HTML tag:

<title> Title of The Web Page</title>

So your title will look like this after using your Meta Title and Brand Name:

Buy Durable Energy Saving LED Lights Online | Reviews Homes

In HTML tag it will be like:

<title> Buy Durable Energy Saving LED Lights Online | Reviews Homes</title>

Best Meta Description Examples:

After inserting a Suitable Meta Title Tag I have to use a perfect Meta Description Tag which will help me to improve my SEO rank. I have also to be sure that My Description Tag is perfect, call to action and not stuffed. Let’s do some workout and make some examples of best Meta Description Tag for my online lighting store’s home page.

I will make my home page Meta Description like any of the following:

Best 5 Meta Description Examples

  • Meta Description Example: 1

We are trusted for selling stylish design, energy efficient and durable LED Lights online. Visit our Reviews Homes store to buy led lights and accessories.

  • Meta Description Example: 2

LED Lighting and accessories available in our store are attractive, durable and suit the budget of any household. Visit our Reviews Homes store to buy online.

  • Meta Description Example: 3

Are you looking to buy stylish designed led lighting online with warranty? Visit our Reviews Homes store now to buy durable lights at low price.

  • Meta Description Example: 4

Review Homes stores wide range of durable, attractive and energy saving LED Lighting available at low cost. Visit our store now to buy them with warranty.

  • Meta Description Example: 5

We have a large range of stock available of led lighting and accessories with warranty. Visit Reviews Homes store now to buy them online with free delivery.

Now, for example, my website is selling LED Downlights products online and I have to use a proper Meta Description for it. I have used the Meta Title as follows:

Durable, Stylish and Energy Saving LED Downlights | Reviews Homes

***Note: You can avoid and, with, at etc. stopword but you can have a comma (,) if required. Conditions apply for it.

Now, I will use Meta Description for my LED Downlights page as following:

Meta Description Examples for Product Page:

Example of meta description: 1

LED Downlights available in Reviews Homes store are stylish, energy saving and durable. Visit our store now to view, compare and buy in your budget.

Example  of meta description: 2

Our LED Downlights range is stylish, durable, energy saving and suit the budget of any household. Visit Reviews Homes store to buy online with delivery.

Example of meta description: 3

We sell selected LED Downlights range in stylish design available from top brands, visit to view and buy long life durable lights online which suit your budget.

Now, for example, I own an automotive online store and I am selling Mag wheels, my store name is “Auto Reviews Store” and I provide delivery service to my customers. look below to see how I will use Meta Description for my products page/ category.

Some More Examples of Meta Description:

Meta Description Example: 1

Auto Reviews Store stocks large range of tyres. wheels and accessories available at competitive price. Visit our store to buy Mag Wheels online with delivery.

Meta Description Example: 2

Are you looking to buy tyres and wheels online? Auto Reviews Store has large range stock of auto parts and accessories, visit to buy Mag Wheels with delivery.

Meta Description Example: 3

Mag wheels available in Auto Reviews Homes store are durable for long life and available in the competitive price range, visit to view and buy online with delivery.

In this way, you can make your meta description better than others and at least good for all your pages. Above Mentioned ideas are only the basic guidelines and examples for description tags. You can use your own concept and you can make it even better. You know more about your website, products, and services, so only you can be the best webmaster for your website. To make your website perfect for SEO, you really don’t need to hire an SEO consultant. You have to simply follow some basic concept and you need to manage some time for your websites SEO jobs. Check online and you can find many experts advice on SEO. After following them you can fix your website’s important SEO factors like Meta Titles and Image Alt Tags. In the same way, you can work more for website sped performance etc. Once your website is ready by the developer you need some basic coding idea and you can improve SEO performance on your own.

Thanks for managing time from your important schedule to read this Meta Description concept with examples, and good luck with your SEO workouts.

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