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Manual Action Removal Guide

Why Google Penalty or Take Manual Action To Any Website

Google Webmasters Manual Actions is a result and review of Google Staff Member to your website. It usually happens due to Spam Link Building, Participating in Links Exchange, Paid Links, Paid Guest posts, an excessive number of links coming from blog/website sidebar or widgets, an excessive number of blank links from forum profiles/ signature etc. It also includes buying or selling links and offering goods/ services or products for link exchange. Participating in excessive link exchange programs, participating in a large number of article marketing or guest posting with keyword-rich anchor text and using automated programs or services to create links to your website can cause a manual action to your website. In one word all your link-building activities which manipulate page rank and site’s ranking in Google Search Result is the violation of Google Webmaster Terms and they are considered as part of links scheme participation.

Step By Step Guide For Google Manual Action Removal

Google Penguin Won’t Penalize your full website due to participating in link scheme but They will have a Manual Action to Specific Pages.

From the last Penguin Update of Google, after 2 years wait, on September 23, 2016, Penguin 4.0 was updated and Google Announced that it’s the last update of Google Penguin and Penguin is in real time now as the part of core algorithm. After the Penguin 4.0 Real Time update Google announced that Google won’t penalize any website for spam linking, but a manual action will be taken if found violation. Before this update websites’ were penalized for the violation of Google Webmaster terms. So, it’s a good news and updates from Google that they are not penalizing anymore and only the pages will be managed to devalue spam instead of demoting.

Use Links Disavow Tool And Request Review To Remove Manual Action

Manual Actions may apply to specific pages, sections, or links. If you found your website in Manual Action of Google due to Unnatural links to your site. You don’t need to worry and run around to find a solution. Login to your Google Search Console. Click on Search Traffic > then Links To Your Site. You find a section “Who links the most” there, click on more>>.

Download and make a copy of bad links/ spams which can be harmful to your site, according to the terms as mentioned above. Try contacting the website owners/ admins to remove your backlinks or make them no follow by adding a rel=nofollow attribute to the links. After you have tried to do all possible to remove those spamming links. You can use the Google Disavow Links Tool to block those backlinks from Google if you were unable to remove any of them.

Save all your links in a .txt file, make the list as below:

Upload a list of links to disavow

Disavow Link Tool Page Link

After You have done all your workouts you can Request a Review To Google from manual action page and write them in brief for reconsideration.

Google Staff will review your website/ links as soon as possible, sometimes it may take weeks. Good Luck from my side, your website will be healthy again in Google’s view.

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How to Reduce the Bounce Rate in Google Analytics

Do you see some spam traffic to your website and they make the bounce rate high? Don’t worry, it’s normal for all website owner, you can block them in few easy steps. They are some auto bot or spammer who bounce traffic from your website.

I agree that, having loads of spam traffic with high bounce rates make your website as low informative and they may cause the rank down in SERPs. So, I am writing few easy steps to help you to block low quality referring sites from your Analytics Account.

How to Reduce Bounce Rate in Google Analytics Report by Blocking Low-Quality Traffic Referral:

These spam traffic referrals generally look like:

Example.ddd etc.

Example. Cf

And may be recently you are getting some traffic like “Copy this url and Vote for Trumph”

Is it the same case you are facing with your traffic sources/ referral?

If the bounce rate is high in your Google Analytics, you can check it from traffic referral sources.

To check the low quality referrals you have to go to>

Acquisition > All Traffic View > Referral

Go To Reporting and click on Acquisition, then go to All Traffic click on Referrals to check which website’s are referring you most and causing the bounce page views. You can select the number to view in list from the bottom of the page.


Now, check and make the list of spam traffic referrals to your website. You are almost ready now, click on Admin and then go to filter section from Google Analytics.

Click +Add Filter on Red Colored Tab.

  • Choose “Create a new filter”
  • Enter The “Filer Name”. You can put the website url to make it easy to understand later when you recheck in future.
  • Choose “Custom”
  • Select “Exclude” and select Filter Filed “Referal”

Enter the Filter Pattern, you can simply put the url. For example:

After all the above steps are done, click the Save Button. Now you will see that your filter has been added.

Congratulations, you won’t see any traffic from the website which you have blocked now, you can use the same process to block any traffic referral which you don’t want to see.